£1 million, Exponential Impact: 2012 Donations Reach Tens of Thousands in Malawi

This year, the Microloan Foundation has dispersed an impressive £1 million of loans to women all across Malawi. Through the generous donations of individuals and organizations, over 13,500 women have benefitted, being given the priceless opportunity to start their own businesses, gain financial independence, and provide for their families. Because the Microloan Foundation practices a different approach to charity- one in which recipients receive training and mentoring along with their loan to ensure life-long skills and eventual autonomy- the long-term effects of £1 million are boundless.

Every woman who receives a loan supports on average five children. With the earnings from her business, a mother can afford to feed her children three meals a day and send them to school, providing them a brighter future and fuller life. This means that in Malawi alone, approximately 69,050 children’s lives have been positively affected, thanks to the amazing hospitality of our donors. The impact of these loans does not only benefit the family, but improves the community as a whole by “stimulat[ing] real, sustainable financial and social change.” And the repercussions do not end there. The loan capital achieved by donations is recycled an average of three times per year, perpetuating this cycle of change all around the country. The distribution of £1 million is an incredible achievement for which we must thank everyone who has contributed to making such a big difference in numerous lives throughout Malawi.

Value of New Loans Made£1 million
 Number of Loans Made 13,810
 Number of Women Benefiting 13,810
 Number of Children Supported 69,050
 Average Value of Loans £72.40