A day in the life

Spending six months following the lives of 16 women MicroLoan supports, our independent volunteer Christina Nelson hopes to shed real light on just how life is in some of the most rural and poverty stricken parts of Africa. She will chart her observations in the Financial Diaries of the Poor.

So often when people in the West talks about poverty, they resort to taking a panoramic view, putting ‘the poor’ in to similar pigeonholes and describing their lives in statistics. Thick academic books compete for the best ways to describe poverty and give learned solutions derived from years of statistical analysis which only the informed reader can comprehend.

Financial Diaries of the Poor will look to highlight the everyday struggles that the women we work with go through on a daily basis. The diaries will give an extremely personal and detailed account of the women’s lives, tracking penny by penny how the households manage their money and demonstrating the real effect microfinance can have.

Christina’s diaries will look at the popular conception that the poor simply live hand –to-mouth with the money going out as soon as it comes in. They will explore how, with some basic training in money management and a small loan, women start to really think about working away from poverty by considering budgeting, saving and balancing multiple incomes.