Abigail is the chair of her loan group, is 45 years old and was one of the MicoLoan Foundation’s first clients 14 years ago. She used to brew and sell beer and over the last decade has had 14 loans and now runs her own restaurant. The beer business used to make her an income 10000 MKW per week and now it is 50000 MKW.

Her husband works with her in the restaurant and she has 3 girls and 3 boys that also support the business.

With her profits she has built her house, as well as two additional buildings for her children. She has built a communal bathroom and toilet and also installed electricity and water to her home.

Her current loan is 120000 MKW which she has continued to invest into her business and hopes to use the profits to build a modern kitchen, as she currently cooks all the food on an open fire in a hut at the back of the house. She also wants to put iron sheets on the two new buildings and has the long term ambition of buying a family car.

Whilst visiting Abigail we eat lunch in her restaurant, however we had VIP treatment and were served in the living room, which compared to her contemporaries’, was well furnished and had a TV and radio.

For Abigail the profits from her business have done more than increase her ability to provide the basic needs of food, education and health care, but given her and her family an improved quality of life. She has an incredibly warm and infectious personality and is very proud of her achievements. Amongst our clients it is very common for the husbands to have a basic level of English however very rare amongst the women – in fact Abigail is the only client that has been able to communicate is English. She is an amazing role model for the group and for the community and great ambassador for MicroLoan Foundation.