By helping women to help themselves, our work has a lasting impact

By helping women to help themselves, our work has a lasting impact

The impact of our work

By helping women to help themselves, our work is having a lasting impact on the lives of women, children and families in sub-Saharan Africa.

Since 2002, we have provided over 280,000 women with business loans and training to start their own businesses. As a  result an estimated 1.12 million children in their care have been given the chance of an education and the opportunity of a better future.

Creating long term change

MicroLoan supports women to break out of the cycle of poverty. This takes time. But before the women we support reach this crucial milestone we are able to report on a variety of other positive changes to their livelihoods.

We measure how poor the women we work with are to ensure that we continue to achieve our aim to help the poorest. Then, by capturing data about how often their families eat, the number of children at school, improvements to their living conditions and other relevant indicators, we can measure the impact our work is having on their family life.

MicroLoan uses rigorous and globally recognised systems for monitoring progress towards social and economic goals for its clients. Our Social Performance Management helps us to make sure we are always striving to achieve our mission.

The wider impact

When one woman takes a loan and starts a business, it’s not just her life she changes, but many more. Her family and children all go on to benefit, but the reach goes much further.

The women’s businesses help villages and communities to prosper economically and socially, allowing them to thrive. Many women go on to employ others to help in their businesses. Family members and others in the community are able to find regular employment to support their own families.

In countries where women and girls are often marginalised, we give them status and the confidence to grow within their own communities.

Our work impacts 8 of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.