Who we help

The women supported: My name is Dalphine Makanya, I’m 36 years old and belong to Chitukuko women’s credit group in Kafue Zambia. Chitukuko means development. I’m married, my husband is Hector Mwale,45. He works as a delivery driver. We have 3 children together and I look after two other children. There are 7 of us living together in a rented three bedroomed house. I started school at 7 and dropped out at 18. We got married at 20 and I had my first child at 21 years. What I love about microloan foundation is the fair interest rate they offer, which is lower than other financial institutions I have worked with. Since I joined chitukuko women credit group, I have learnt how to save, calculate profit, loss, and costs. The money I’m saving is for building a shop at the market on the piece of land I bought. Before I got a loan from microloan foundation of k1, 000.00 (£82) I used to only sell groceries. Now I sell fruits and vegetables outside my shop. My husband also supports me and helps me when I face difficulties with my repayments.

70% of the world’s poor live in rural areas and that is why we work specifically in these regions. We identify the areas that are in most need of our services so that we can help those who are most likely to be financially excluded.

Using baseline surveys and the PPI (poverty probability index) we are able to target our services to women that are stuck living in a cycle of poverty. These women often live in remote rural areas with no access to formal employment, financial services or education. Illiteracy levels are high and make it even more difficult for these women to find work.

The reality for many of our clients is that they have to survive on just £1 a day. This means they cannot afford even the basic necessities. They struggle to feed their family and can’t pay for basic healthcare or medicine if they fall ill.

Since we started our operations in 2002 we have supported over 280,000 women as they work to create opportunities for themselves and their families. As a result an estimated 1.12 million children in their care have benefited from increased access to healthcare, education and nutrition. 1.4 million lives in total have been reached. 

Why we work with women 

‘Women reinvest 90% of every dollar earned into their families’ education, health and nutrition’  
                                                                                                                                            – Harvard Business Review, 2013

980 million women are unbanked in sub-Saharan Africa. We work exclusively with women because we believe that is the best way to transform the lives of the most people.

Women bear the brunt of family responsibilities which often makes it more difficult for them to seek employment. Providing them with the opportunity to start their own businesses and earn a reliable income allows them to become more financially independent and support their families. They are the ones who see their children go hungry or become sick from treatable illnesses and often use their profits for food, basic healthcare and education for their children.

Eventually, many of our clients will create employment opportunities for others which helps kick start a positive economic cycle in their local communities.

Loaning to women involves less risk for the charity, they are more likely to repay their loans which means we can go on to help even more women. When a repayment is made, we can reuse the money to give a loan to another woman. 

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