Why it works

Lendwithcare_malawi_127Our work is successful because we listen to the ideas and concerns of the people we help. We tailor our products and training accordingly.

Our approach differs from other forms of financial support because of the way we work. Our flexibility means we can respond creatively and constructively to different environments and changes in circumstance.

For example, many of the women we support are illiterate with no experience of business, so we use song, dance, drama and story cards in our training to teach them the basic principles of profitability and financial management.

Our aim is to alleviate poverty for the poorest. To ensure that we achieve our aim, we make five key commitments that, together, help our approach work for those that need our help the most.

We work with women

When a woman increases her income, all her dependents will benefit, improving their accommodation, nutrition, health and education.

We provide continuous training and support

Once a business is up and running it is monitored every fortnight so if things start to go wrong they can be rapidly corrected. Groups receive consistent training throughout their loan cycles.

We make finance accessible

No loan is too small. We never ask for collateral or remove vital assets if our client is struggling to repay – we help them to find a solution.

We work in rural areas

Our Loan and Training Officers travel hundreds of miles each day by motorbike to reach the poorest villages.

We work with women in groups

The members of each group provide social, financial and business support to each other and have a collective responsibility to ensure repayments are made.