Anne Sainet

Anne Sainet is a part of the Ulemu Credit Group and is the beneficiary of a total of fourteen loans from MicroLoan Foundation as a part of the Department for International Development funded project. The most recent of these loans totals MWK 75,000 (Malawian Kwacha). She has used the loans to start a rice business that she could not previously have started due to inadequate access to capital and having a high level of responsibility. Anne is divorced and lives with six children, of whom four are her own, ranging from twenty to thirty-six years old. However, her responsibility extends beyond this, with fifteen people being financially dependent on her.

Anne left school at the age of six and had her first child at sixteen. The opportunity to receive business management training and receive enough capital to start a business was transformational for her expectations of life. Over the course of the series of loans she received, Anne managed to grow her business and use the profits to install a water tap. For an agreed fee, she provides safe water to her neighbours.

The profits made from her business and her tap have been used to maintain her house and she has now managed to buy a television and chairs for her and her family. She hopes to continue to grow her business and buy some fridges to allow her to start selling soft drinks. Anne says she is well respected and admired in her community for being financially independent and appearing intelligent and healthy.

The loans that she has received allow her to maintain a wide range of stock at all times, which in turn helps her to keep making the profits that support her and her dependants. She says she hopes to be able to provide her children with a car sometime in the future.