BBC cake sale raises £518 for MicroLoan Foundation

In May, MicroLoan supporter, Annette Roberts, decided to organise a fundraising event at the BBC Archive Centre where she works. Annette recruited several colleagues to help her with the fundraising, and together they raised an amazing £518 towards our work in Malawi and Zambia.

After the event, we asked Annette why she chose to fundraise for us, and she explained:

“I always remember reading one of the leaflets asking for donations that were done one Christmas. It said something along the lines of “the money you spend on a couple of drinks and a meal on a night out could start a business or keep a family going for a year.”… it got me thinking about the way I spend money.

I thought about how that money could help someone who needed it. I sent MicroLoan Foundation £50 that Christmas. I also sponsored a group of women on their website.

I like the idea that a good percentage of the money collected goes to the people who need it and not to people in suits.

I enjoy making cakes, the lads and lasses here enjoy eating them, so it’s a win win situation, and such an easy way to give pleasure and help people at the same time. We all had fun, I even got one of the chaps to bring in his guitar and sing a few songs while passing round the hat. I can’t wait to do it again next year”

From all of us at MicroLoan, thank you so much to Annette and all her colleagues and friends who supported her fundraising event.

If you are inspired by Annette and would like to fundraise for MicroLoan Foundation, we have loads of great ideas and will support you throughout your fundraising. Get in touch now – [email protected] / 020 8827 1691.