Berkshire school girls raise money for female entrepreneurs in Africa

Here at MicroLoan, we are lucky enough to receive support from some fantastic schools across the UK. Most recently, we have been supported by two Independent Girls Schools in Berkshire; The Abbey School in Reading, and Downe House School in Thatcham.

As well as raising an incredible amount of money for our work, it is fantastic to see young girls in the UK engaging with what we do. As part of their fundraising, they also learn about what MicroLoan does to support women, many of whom are not much older than they, in sub-Saharan Africa. And in the case of both The Abbey School and Downe House, the girls have also been using their own entrepreneurial skills to raise vital money for MicroLoan’s female entrepreneurs in Malawi and Zambia!

In September 2013, MicroLoan Foundation was chosen as The Abbey School’s International Charity of the Year. Led by the fantastic Charity Committee (Erenie, Katharine, Ameeta, Aneeta Safa and Sarah), the girls undertook a year of fundraising for our work. Their main fundraising event was a business competition that saw teams of girls turn a loan of £5 into as much as possible! Astonishingly, from £200 seed capital, the girls raised an incredible £4,614 in just four weeks! The winning team turned £5 into £500; a hundred-fold return on their money. Alongside a quiz night and various cake sales, the girls at The Abbey School raised an incredible £5,000 for MicroLoan Foundation!

Meanwhile, over at Downe House School, 70 Lower Sixth girls from York (South) Boarding House have raised £2,158.50 for MicroLoan through an auction and raffle. Special thanks go to all the girls involved, and their very generous parents who helped donate the auction and raffle prizes. I know the girls also have an end of year sponsored walk planned for MicroLoan too.

We are so grateful to all those who have been involved in the fundraising for MicroLoan Foundation; students, teachers, parents and the general public! The money raised will have a huge impact on the lives of so many. Just £60 is all it takes for a woman to set up a business and transform her and her families lives with our support.

If your school, club or university is interested in raising money for MicroLoan Foundation, please get in touch with Alice McDonnell on 020 8827 1691 or [email protected]