Bexhill College students Start Something

Students at Bexhill College become entrepreneurs to support MicroLoan Foundation.

The Business and Economics students took part in our Start Something challenge and raised £427.20 to help women living in poverty.  The challenge asked the students to use their business knowledge and enterprise skills to turn £1 into as much profit as possible over a four week period. Over 30 students completed the challenge. They formed small groups and set out to raise a much as possible for our work.

Liam Papuha, took on the role of team leader.  He used his £1 to purchase a multi-pack of chocolate bars and then placed MicroLoan Foundation stickers on each bar.  He was aware that the ‘Fair Trade’ logo is used to charge a premium price for other consumer goods. Liam used the MicroLoan sticker to begin a dialogue with his prospective customers to encourage them to buy his products and support MicroLoan Foundation.

“I was glad we could help other people while still managing to practise our skills in a fun way.  I hope we have helped to change some lives for the better.”
                                                                                              Liam Papuha, Start Something Challenge participant 

We are extremely proud of all the student’s hard work and commitment. By using and developing their entrepreneurial skills they will help our entrepreneurs in Africa.

Liam with his classmates Rory Batchelor, Archie Lindsay, Rachel Morgan and Seth Ringrose.

The donations provided by the students help to fund female entrepreneurs like Mildred Hamane. She is a single mother of five children. After her husband left her she could no longer afford school fees and had nowhere to call home. She had no other choice but to move in with her mother and now 11 people live in a three bedroomed house.  Every day became about survival as Mildred tried to provide for her children and support her elderly relatives.

With the help of MicroLoan Mildred was able to establish a fritter selling business so she could start to rebuild her life after her divorce. She is now able to send her youngest children to school and she even managed to pay their school fees early this year.

Thank you to all the students involved at Bexhill college – we love having you as part of #TeamMicroLoan.

“It is satisfying to see our students take what they have learnt in their Business and Economics lessons and apply it to the real world.  The injustice of poverty is often linked to a lack of access to credit as opposed to a lack of creativity or work ethic.  It’s therefore, extremely heartening to see our students become global ethical investors and genuine change agents.”

                                      – Andy Pritchard, Head of Politics, Economics, Business & Law


If you are a school, college, university or company you can get involved by joining #TeamMicroLoan. You could participate in your own Start Something Challenge – contact [email protected] for more details or check out our Start Something page.