Celebrating our number one centre in Zimbabwe

Since launching in Zimbabwe last April our operations there have continued to grow. At the end of 2017 we had 269 active clients receiving loans and support from MicroLoan so they could start their journeys out of poverty.

In Zimbabwe we currently have one branch in the Goromonzi district of northern Zimbabwe. This branch is made up of numerous centres located across the district. Following the political changes at the end of last year we have been monitoring our operations in Zimbabwe closely. Our team in country has reported that they have been able to carry on without any problem and are happy with how our client numbers are continuing to grow.

Mutonda centre: our number one centre in Zimbabwe

At MicroLoan we use the term centre to describe a collection of groups that are based in the same area. They get together to take part in training sessions and repayment meetings. Each centre includes up to 20 groups (100 clients).

The Mutonda centre opened in August 2017. It has been a model centre ever since. We are very proud of our clients’ dedication and the progress their businesses have made. We wanted to share with you some stories of the inspirational women that make the centre such a success.

The groups

There are currently six groups of women in Mutonda centre and there are five women in each group. The group members provide social, financial and business support to each other and have a collective responsibility to ensure that repayments are made.

Each group has a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The groups at the centre are called Bazooka, Kuvimbika, Tashinga, Simukai, Shining Star and Tasvinura.

Their success

The strong leadership and guidance that the women have received from their Loan & Training Officer (LTO), Joe, has helped them learn the skills they need to make their businesses a success. With the support of their other group members, all of the women have been able to put what they have learnt into practice. The supportive environment is crucial in ensuring each of the women’s businesses succeed and we are really proud of what they have been able to accomplish so far.

  • The women have achieved a 100% repayment rate
  • The centre has a perfect attendance record
  • The clients are interested and engaged with training, and even ask for more training so they can ensure their businesses are a success
  • The group members support each other, particularly when they face challenges in their business, discussing how they have overcome these and how they can be avoided in the future
  • 23 of the 30 clients at the centre have just taken out their second loan
  • The women are motivated and determined, and use song and dance to celebrate their successes.

Nyengetarai’s first steps as an entrepreneur

Nyengetarai is 22 years old and a member of Shining Star group. She has used her loan to set up her first business, selling shoes. Currently, she lives with her mother and five brothers, but she dreams of financial independence and having her own place. She would like to support her mother in providing for her brothers, making sure that they get a good education. Nyengeterai describes herself as hard-working and ambitious, which, combined with MicroLoan’s training and support, will help her to realise these goals.

We are very proud of all of the women at Mutonda centre and excited to see their continued success in the future!

How you can help

Making a donation will give more women the chance to receive loans and training. You will be helping them build a better life for themselves and their families.

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