Celebrating our youngest supporter!

Meet Erin, our youngest supporter and our inspiration of the week

Throughout March, we’re asking our supporters to tell us who inspires them. Lynne Turner, Global Finance Director at Christie’s and Chair of our Women’s Development Board tells us why her niece, Erin inspires her.

I would like to nominate my niece Erin. At nine years old she’s not yet a woman but you can already imagine the wonderful woman she will become. Inspiration comes from surprising sources – she gives me hope for the future. How does she inspire me? I can’t help but be uplifted by her youth, energy, enthusiasm, courage, bravery, openness and her incredible capacity to assimilate every new experience with optimism and joy.

I’ve seen her skiing past me at speed, doing 360 degree spins in a tandem paraglider and singing in the front row of her youth choir on TV. However the particular occasion that gives me hope for the future is when she joined a sponsored walk for the MicroLoan Foundation in Regents Park last spring –Walking in Marianne’s Footsteps”.

Erin understood completely the aim of the walk and the impact that the micro loans can make to help women in Africa start businesses to enable them to feed, clothe and educate their children. She appreciated how privileged she is and was inspired by the stories of women and children she is yet to meet. On the train home from the walk her young optimistic mind made a plan to make friendship bracelets to sell to all her school mates to raise even more money to help the MicroLoan Foundation. I like to imagine that particular fundraising had a special magical energy to sew seeds of prosperity and hope wherever it ended up.

You can read Erin’s fundraising story here.

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