Change of MicroLoan Foundation’s bank details

Change of MicroLoan Foundation’s bank details

CAF Bank has decided to reduce its banking facilities so we have had to move our current bank account to Barclays. 

This will affect any of our donors that make regular contributions direct to our bank. From 18th of September, we will not be able to receive any further donations from you into this account. 

Any of our listed regular donors should have received a new standing order mandate so that you can continue supporting our work. You will need to inform your bank of our new details or we will be unable to receive any donations from you in the future. 

Please complete this form and forward this to your bank – you can also alert them to cancel your existing standing order.

Our new bank details are as follows:

Account name: MicroLoan Foundation

Sort Code:            20-06-09

Account No:        23857239

We really appreciate your continued support and understanding, if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in contact by calling 02088271688.