Help us win charity of the year

We are delighted to announce that MicroLoan Foundation has been shortlisted as one of six charities who are in the running for the Deutsche Bank Charities of the Year partnership 2018-19.

389 million people live in poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. You can help us change that.

The women we support struggle to feed their children, they are unable to take them to hospital when they fall ill and 1 in 10 children die before their 5th birthday.

Winning this two year partnership would help us change the lives of 16,000 women and 80,000 children in sub-Saharan Africa.

MicroLoan provides women in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe with small loans, training and on-going support, helping them start micro businesses to become self-sufficient. With their new regular income, our women are able to feed their families, improve their housing, access healthcare and pay school fees for their children.

The impact of MicroLoan’s work goes much further than simply helping the women we directly work with. The increase in household income and savings from a woman’s business helps support her whole family, while the village and community benefit both economically and socially from the increase in trade. Last year we had a repayment rate of 99%, allowing us to recycle the capital again and again to help even more women to achieve financial security for the first time in their lives.

Our philosophy is to ‘give hope, not handouts’.

During the partnership period Deutsche Bank employees raise funds for the chosen charities through activities such as sports events, raffles, quizzes, appeals and challenges in the UK and Africa. The money raised would enable MicroLoan to extend our reach in a number of ways, including the opening of new branches, one in each Zambia and Zimbabwe. This would help more women and their families find a way out of poverty.

The current charity partners are Autistica and Hope and Homes for Children. Deutsche Bank and the charity partners raised a phenomenal £2 million in 2016 alone and won a range of awards including the Better Society Awards and the National Fundraising Awards. Raising this amount of money would be transformative for MicroLoan Foundation and the women we support.

In October Deutsche Bank employees will vote for the next two charities to support through the Charities of the Year programme.

The voting period for Deutsche Bank employees is 2-16 October, where they will be able to vote for two charities via their online portal here.

Help us win 

We need your help to spread the word about MicroLoan amongst your Deutsche Bank contacts. If you know someone at Deutsche Bank, please tell them about MicroLoan Foundation and why you support us and encourage them to vote for us.

Every single vote counts so please help us get across the finishing line!