Chrissy Kalipinde

Chrissy Kalipinde owns and runs her own grocery business which she has grown with the help of twelve loans from MicroLoan Foundation. She is married and has four children ranging from five to twelve years old.  Since receiving loans from MicroLoan Foundation, Chrissy has seen the weekly profits from her business grow from MWK 3,000 to MWK 10,000.  She says that MicroLoan Foundation helped her to access the capital she needed to grow her business as she is now able to buy her stocks in bulk, for example: sugar, oil, and bags of rice.

Chrissy has reinvested the profits generated back into her grocery business, and used her increased income to make improvements to her house, by fitting an iron roof, and to buy food and clothes for her family. She says the training provided by MicroLoan Foundation has taught her the importance of using the loan correctly to make her business a success.

Alongside the grocery business that is supported by loans from MicroLoan Foundation, Chrissy runs two other enterprises: one, selling milk produced by her own cow, and the other, a phone-charging service to assist her fellow villagers who do not have access to electricity.