Christmas Appeal 2012

This Christmas, we are appealing for gifts of hope… The loans and business training we provide offer the women we work with hope, not handouts. They offer these women and their families the chance of a future free from poverty.

Did you know that just £10 could pay for a woman living on less than 80 pence per day in Malawi or Zambia to receive the training and capital required to start their own business? The profits from this business are likely to provide food for her family, as well as help to educate her children and secure their good health.

Our standard loan provides more advanced business training and mentoring and requires the women to begin saving some of the profits from their business. It costs just £41. These profits prove hugely beneficial in building sustainable livelihoods and a route out of poverty.

In Malawi, over 80% of the populations’ livelihood is focused on farming. For £66, we could provide a woman with a farming loan. These farming loans provide women with the necessary inputs, such as fertilizer and seeds, to increase the amount of crops harvested. The food grown between November and April feeds the women and their families for the remainder of the year. So by increasing the amount of crops grown for harvest, food security is dramatically improved.