City Women Network take on scorching British 10K run for MicroLoan

As part of their year-long partnership with MicroLoan Foundation, a group of 6 senior businesswomen from City Women Network teamed together to run the British 10K in aid of MicroLoan on Sunday 14th July. The run was more of a challenge than many would have anticipated, with it being one of the hottest days of the year!

The event, which takes runners past some of London’s most iconic landmarks, is a well-known fundraising event, and we were thrilled to have a team of MicroLoan runners this year.

Each woman was targetted with raising £250 for MicroLoan Foundation, and all have far exceeded this target, with the 6 participants having raised over £5,000 so far, and money is still coming in!

In addition to the Summer raffle, this takes CWN’s fundraising total to over £6,000 so far in just the first couple of months of the partnership. A huge thanks to all who have contributed to the partnership so far, and particular to our 10K runners: Jeanine Long, Sandy Lucas, Mariana Zegianini, Margot von Aesch, Gabriele Wagenhofer and Naomi Hudson.

We are all looking forward to the next fundraising event on the CWN calendar; the Summer Gala on Wednesday 25th September, which is set to raise even more vital funds for MicroLoan Foundation through the high end auction taking place.