Could you survive on £1 a day?

Could you survive on £1 a day?

For millions of families across the world this is their reality. But we want to transform their lives this Christmas.

The festive season is fast approaching, and as we indulge in mulled wine, chocolates and mince pies, the reality for the women we support is very different.  

Living on £1 a day means that accessing even basic necessities like food and clean water is a struggle. We know that before joining MicroLoan Foundation 83% of our women are living in extreme poverty. Their children are forced to go hungry and each day is about survival.

We believe that all those living in poverty should have the opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their families. When a woman joins a MicroLoan group she can begin her journey out of poverty. By starting a business she is able to generate a reliable income, bringing her one step closer to a life free from hunger and uncertainty.

Tamala Banda

Every year MicroLoan supports over 50,000 women across Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, women just like Tamala. She has five children and a granddaughter to support, and as a widow she bears this responsibility on her own.

Growing up with limited resources, Tamala had to drop out of school to help her parents, and at age 14 she got married.  After the death of her husband, she not only lost her partner but she also lost social and financial security.

Tamala could no longer afford to feed her children or buy school uniforms and books. Her children had no other choice but to leave school to find work on local farms to be able to get by. Tamala heard about MicroLoan when visiting a nearby village in search of paid work. With the training and money she has received from MicroLoan, Tamala started her own business as a grocery trader. She now earns enough to provide her five children and granddaughter with three meals a day.

“I can now give my family porridge and tea every morning. They no longer go hungry.”

Her business is continuing to grow; three of her children have been able to start school again and she will even be able to prepare a special meal for her family this Christmas.

Whilst Tamala’s life is starting to change for the better, there are so many more families in need of our support.

This Christmas you can give the gift of hope.

Help us change lives this Christmas by donating online today. Your support can help us provide loans and training to more women just like Tamala as they journey out of poverty.

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