COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

Please donate towards our emergency appeal and help us save lives

COVID-19 has now reached the very poorest communities in sub-Saharan Africa. The communities we work with. The people most at risk. Thousands of vulnerable families who were already struggling to survive, now face an even greater challenge.

Among those most adversely affected by economic shocks are the poor women we work with. The impact of this pandemic will propel them into even deeper poverty, and have repercussions throughout society. Food production is one of the main income generators for the women we work with and their agricultural businesses ensure whole villages have access to food. The threat of hunger is as great as the threat of the corona virus – the two combined will have devastating impacts. Our support is essential to get them through this crisis.

What are MicroLoan Foundation doing to help?
  • Mentoring and supporting the women to ensure their businesses survive
  • Writing off and rescheduling loans to reduce pressure
  • Providing top up capital to ensure they have the cash-flow to continue running their businesses
  • Providing protective equipment and digital services to reduce transmission

In the current situation, we know that the women’s livelihoods will collapse if they don’t get access to capital and support. We are doing everything in our power to keep our beneficiaries and staff safe.