Deloitte Partners with MicroLoan

Deloitte UK’s Philippa Thompson is working with the MicroLoan Foundation as part of its CSR (corporate social responsibility) “21 Fellows” programme. This partnership gives us access to invaluable expertise and to the resources necessary to improve our operations in Africa as well as creating fresh impetus for change.

We hope that the link with Deloitte will be the first of several such CSR partnerships with international businesses. In our view they have the potential to deliver mutually beneficial and socially-driven outcomes as well as offering companies and their employees a range of new opportunities and experiences.

As a Deloitte21 Fellow, Philippa is creating a training program for MicroLoan’s staff which aims to develop their management and business skills to enable them to better train the women whom MicroLoan supports. The training program will also deliver a series of qualifications for MicroLoan’s staff.