Vote MicroLoan for Deutsche Bank Charity of the Year


Vote MicroLoan for Deutsche Bank Charity of the Year


The impact of our work

Since 2002, we have helped over 150,000 women, resulting in around 600,000 children being given the chance of an education and the opportunity of a better future.

The wider impact of our work is to kick start local economic activity, helping small villages to thrive. In countries where women and girls are often marginalised, we give them status and the confidence to grow within their own communities.

MicroLoan are nominated for Deutsche Bank Charity of the Year

Winning this partnership would help us change even more lives. In just 2 years we could support a further 16,000 women and 80,000 children in sub-Saharan Africa. These figures are based on the partnership’s fundraising capacity alone, and do not consider the dramatic impact of Deutsche Bank expertise and knowledge. 

Being the first commercial bank to establish a fund in support of the microfinance sector Deutsche Bank shows a commitment to finding a sustainable solution to poverty alleviation. By working closely with their teams of innovators and specialists we would change the lives of hundreds of thousands of families living in extreme poverty – for good. 

Voting is open until 16th October for Deutsche Bank employees to select their charity partner.

Help us lift more families out of over poverty. Together we can spark the change that echoes for generations. 

Vote MicroLoan to win Deutsche Bank Charity of the Year