Ways to donate

Why Donate?

When you donate to us, you don’t just help one woman. Your support reaches much further. When one woman takes a loan her friends, family and community will also benefit.  When loans are repaid they can be recycled to help even more women. This means your donation can continue giving again and again.

There are several ways to donate to MicroLoan, both online and offline. Here’s how:


You can donate online using our donation platform by following the link below.

Electronic Transfer of Stocks and Securities

Your gift of stock or securities can make a life changing difference for a poor woman in sub-Saharan Africa. The following information will ensure that your gift is received, confirmed and acknowledged in the appropriate manner.

Electronic or depository trust company (DTC) transfer of stock through a broker can be made through the following account held by the MicroLoan Foundation USA

Name:Fidelity Investments
P.O. Box 770001, Cincinnati, OH 45277-0003
DTC #0226
Account #Z49-751448
Contact:Fidelity Private Client Group
At:Fidelity Investments

Our Legal Name and Address:

MicroLoan Foundation USA, Inc.
237 Bonad Road
Brookline, MA 02467

Federal ID # (EIN): 42-1751736

Please Note: Electronic transfers DO NOT include the donor’s name and address. Please email [email protected] with the donor’s name, contact information and the stocks/securities contributed so that we might deliver a receipt and acknowledgement to meet IRS regulations.

For further information, and instructions for handling gifts of physical stock, please contact Rob Schmults at [email protected]

Donate by check

We welcome your support by check. It should be made out to MLF USA, and include a phone number and/or email address. Please mail to the following address:

MicroLoan Foundation USA
237 Bonad Rd.
Brookline, MA 02467