Esnart Malola

At 19, Esnart left school and had her first child. Living in rural Malawi far removed from employment opportunities left Esnart with limited choices to provide for her family.

She started baking doughnuts and selling them along with other groceries. But because of to the remote location of her home, there was no market in her village and Esnart had to make the long walk to the nearest market town. It was exhausting for her to transport her stock and as her family grew she could no longer make ends meet.

Esnart is a mother of four and also cares for three orphans and her two elderly parents. With this many people dependent on her, she knew she needed help to make her business succeed.

It has been six years since Esnart first joined MicroLoan and gained access to much needed loans and targeted business training to grow her grocery business. She is now a successful entrepreneur and shop owner.

Her business employs six people and profits have tripled. She is confident about the future and hopes to purchase a motorcycle so that she can travel to neighbouring communities to sell groceries.

Esnart has turned her once struggling business into a reliable source of income providing a safety net for her own and her employees’ families. Her entrepreneurial journey has benefitted her local community and the increased income means that Esnart can plan ahead and save for her children’s future.

“I want to be able to use my business to create better lives for my children. I hope to be able to pay for their education so they can go on to study at university.”
                                                                                                                       – Esnart Malola

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