Fundraising for MicroLoan

Over the past week there have been many stories of successful fundraising for the MicroLoan foundation. Congratulations to Tolu and John for their amazing achievements and demonstrating how rewarding it can be to get involved!









Here is a picture of Tolu Mumuni who said that “SwimBritain 2014 was a great event to raise fund for MicroLoan Foundaiton, also met my hero, double Olympic gold medallist Rebecca Adlington”.











Pictured above is John Welshman who ran the Berlin Marathon, according to him “It was a very memorable day and my wife Rose, daughter Juliet, and brother Andrew managed to see me three times on the way round”.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in fundraising events and donated to the MicroLoan foundation. We fully appreciate the commitment, training and perseverance that are required. If you would like to get involved and fundraise please get in touch by emailing our fundraising manager Kasia Bailey at[email protected]