Introduction to Cristina’s Financial Diaries

I have been an intern at MicroLoan Foundation for about 3 months now and in this time I have come to learn so much about the charity and thoroughly enjoy the work that MicroLoan does. Furthermore after reading The Financial Diaries by Christina Nelson, I have developed a greater understanding of what really goes into making these loans beneficial for these African women.

After graduating from SOAS with a Master’s degree in African Studies, Christina Nelson went onto spending her time volunteering for MicroLoan Foundation. She spent 6 months with our clients in Malawi to understand their day to day financial lives, gathering information on their financial outgoings and income.  These insights are now driving our work to ensure we continue to build upon operational efficiency, service delivery and responsiveness to client needs.  This project is part of our work and commitment to social performance management, ensuring we are reaching and really helping the remotest women in sub-Saharan Africa

Here are some initial comments from our clients with regards to the work and support Christina has done:

“I’ve learnt that I have this money coming in and this money going out, so I don’t waste it any more. I can see that I don’t have enough money to waste.”

“I can now differenitate which products are the most profitable.”

“I used to sell maandasi and spend everything that I earned. Now I know not to spend it all straight away.”