Lucia Mangochi

Lucia Mangochi is a successful business owner who is a part of our Kupatakwathu group in Malawi.

Lucia’s MicroLoan group, Kupatakwathu group, has 13 female members aged 27 – 42 years old from Mchinji region. They are all entrepreneurs running food and clothing businesses to provide for their families.

Lucia had her own grocery business before joining the MicroLoan group, but was unable to afford to fill the shelves. She struggled to make a profit and her family were forced to survive on just over £10 a week. For a household of nine, this did not go far.

Building her businesses

With MicroLoan’s support, Lucia has been able to change her family’s predicament. She has expanded her grocery business and responded to customer demand. Her shop’s shelves are now fully stocked with soap, lotion, rice, milk, and flour. With many more items on offer, business has increased and Lucia’s shop is flourishing.

Determined to guarantee her family a brighter future, Lucia set out to begin another business venture. With some of the profits from her grocery business, she has opened her own bakery, selling scones and bread.

The success of Lucia’s businesses means that her weekly profit has dramatically increased to MK 150,000 (£154). This has allowed her to make much needed improvements to her home, including building new living quarters to house her big family.

Becoming an employer

Lucia’s bakery has been doing so well that she has employed three staff to help her run it. Lucia has become not just a successful entrepreneur but a business manager, making her a respected and admired member of her community.

The loans and business training provided by MicroLoan has gone on to benefit many more people than just Lucia. All three employees have the opportunity to begin their own families’ journey out of poverty, thanks to Lucia’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Lucia is a success story and she is working hard to ensure that that her businesses will continue to grow. Lucia’s life has changed dramatically in the eight years she has been with MicroLoan. Through hard work and determination Lucia has been able to provide her family with a brighter future.

How you can get involved

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