Malita Banda

Malita Banda lives in an extremely remote village in Malawi, a 45 minute drive from the closest small town. Several years ago, MicroLoan Foundation started supporting Malita with a small loan and training to set up a stall selling tomatoes and fish. Several years down the line, and a succession of loans later, Malita’s current loan is £100. Our average loan in Malawi is £50, so Malita’s comparatively large loan size demonstrates the success of her business.

With her business profits, Malita has been able to send all of her four children to secondary school. In fact, one of her children is currently retaking secondary school to improve his grades and career prospects. Malita would not have been able to support her children in this way without MicroLoan’s support.

Alongside supporting her children, Malita’s business profits have enabled her to purchase a bed and mattress, so she no longer has to sleep on the floor. And most recently, she has bought a bicycle so she can travel to and from market more easily, saving her both time and money.

Malita has learnt a lot from the training that MicroLoan provides, particularly the module on diversification. As a result, she plans to diversify her business to start selling more expensive products to significantly increase her profits and become fully self-sustainable.