Martha Chenyama

Martha Chenyama

The women we support dream of providing brighter futures for their children and family. With 83% of our clients living below the poverty line before joining a MicroLoan group, living on just £1 a day is their reality. With your support we are changing this.

Overcoming obstacles

Martha is a new client and is part of the Tayenera loan group, in Salima, Malawi. With three children to provide for she joined the group hoping to create a successful business, so she could change their lives.

“I left school at a young age, got married and had children. I’ve faced difficulties in my life but I want to create a business so my children don’t have to make the same choices I had to.” 
                                                                                                                                   – Martha Chenyama

Despite being new to MicroLoan Foundation Martha has already been very successful and has big ambitions for her developing business.

With her first loan from MicroLoan she has set up a business selling second-hand clothes.

At first she was concerned about generating income from her business. She struggled to make regular sales and knew she needed advice on how to improve.  Martha had difficulties purchasing stock as inflation was making her costs rise. With advice and further training she found a solution to the problem. She began purchasing from different vendors and diversified her stock and starting selling clothes for different ages.

This change helped Martha attract new customers. She now hopes to continue diversifying her business by purchasing goods from outside of Malawi, from Tanzania or South Africa. During her time with MicroLoan Martha’s weekly profit has increased from MWK 6,000 (approx. £6) to between MWK 25,000 (approx. £26) and 40,000 (approx. £41).

Creating support

Being part of one of our loan groups provides women with the opportunity to gain a loan to start a business, and also creates a support system that helps them to succeed. The women help each other find solutions to problems and share their ideas on how to make their businesses a success.

Martha told us that joining MicroLoan has already had a major impact on her life. She is using her profits to build a new home for her family. She is extremely proud that her new home will have running water. Not only is she able to provide for her family, she is also reinvesting profits to expand her business. She has become successful and independent while enjoying a better standard of living. Martha is proud of her achievements and increased respect within her local community.

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