Masikini Maureen

Masikini Maureen is a 45-year-old widow who lives in Mwakhoza, Zambia with her five children.

She is a member and secretary of the Titandizane group in Malawi. Titandizane means ‘let’s help each other’ and consists of a tight-knit group of entrepreneurial women.

Widows in Zambia

When a woman is widowed in Zambia, she is often forced to start over. Women are disadvantaged by local culture and traditions and these have often been enshrined in law. Many of our clients have had to move from their homes after their husbands died and lost the assets of any business they may have had. When her husband passed away, Masikini knew she would need to find a new way to support her children.

Unemployment rates in Zambia are high with almost 40% of the population unable to find adequate work. This was an incentive for Masikini to start her own business.

Taking the First Steps

Masikini joined us in 2016 and started out with a loan of ZMK2,000 (£164). With this loan, she began to start selling washing powder and soap. Before she joined MicroLoan, travel costs had prevented her from starting a business. Just to order her cleaning products, she would’ve had to embark on a 669-mile journey from Zambia to Tanzania. Now with our support, her business is growing and she is able to look towards a brighter future.


Financial Achievements 

Her small business has been very successful and Masikini makes a profit of ZMK500 (£41) a week. She has been able to build a three-bedroom house with electricity and water access for her family.

This is a huge accomplishment for Masikini, as only 35% of households in Zambia have taps in their home, and in rural areas, just 3.5% of Zambians have access to electricity.

The money that she has made has allowed her to build up her savings so she can pay her children’s education.

MicroLoan has helped her to single-handedly provide for her large family through achieving her goal of starting a business.

“Thank you to MicroLoan Foundation for the good services. I thank God for blessing us with MicroLoan Foundation Zambia!”
– Masikini Maureen

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