Our Team

Medha Wilson – Group Chief Executive Officer

Medha Wilson is the Chief Executive Officer at MicroLoan Foundation. In her current role she oversees the activities of MicroLoan’s operations in Africa and is responsible for developing the overall strategy of the Group. She serves on the board of the three MicroLoan subsidiaries in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Medha has over 10 years of experience in financial inclusion. Prior to MicroLoan, her most recent role has been with Agora Microfinance where she played a key role in developing and strengthening the portfolio of the Group, which included MFIs in Asia and Africa.

She is a Qualified Chartered Accountant and holds a degree in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics from The London School of Economics.


Key operational team

Mateo Zanetic – Regional Director and Chief Executive Officer Zimbabwe


Mateo Zanetic is Regional Director, where he is responsible for overall operational development and results, specifically across Zambia and Zimbabwe. He works closely with the senior management teams and governance boards across all three subsidiaries in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe to ensure operations are working effectively and efficiently. As of February 2019 Mateo also serves as the CEO of MicroLoan Foundation Zimbabwe.

He gained key experience at South African microfinance institution The Small Enterprise Foundation where he held various senior management roles, before being appointed as their Chief Operating Officer.

Mateo sits as a board member of each the Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe boards. He holds a degree in Management Accounting and Corporate Finance from Wits University.

Jack Ngoma – Chief Executive Officer Zambia

Jack Ngoma is Chief Executive Officer of MicroLoan Foundation Zambia. In his current role he is responsible for implementing strategic plans for Zambia operations, identifying partnership opportunities and developing the local team.

Jack has vast experience in the microfinance sector. Prior to joining MicroLoan, he worked with a leading commercial microfinance institution in Zambia. Jack first joined MicroLoan in 2009 as the Finance Manager for Zambia before spending some time with our Malawian operation in 2013. Jack returned to Zambia and was appointed Chief Financial Officer, where he played a key role in the in the growth of the operations. He was promoted to his current role in 2018.

He is a chartered certified accountant, a member of the ACCA, has a BSc in accounting from Oxford Brookes university and is currently completing an MBA in finance with the University of London.

Randall G. Williams – Chief Executive Officer Malawi

Randall Williams is the Chief Executive Officer for MicroLoan Foundation Malawi. In this role he is responsible for leading the implementation processes of the organisation’s strategies aimed at achieving MicroLoan Foundation’s goals.

Originally from Jamaica, Randall has lived and worked across different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, bringing with him a wide range of skills in banking, fintech and microfinance. He’s no stranger to Malawi having lived and worked there in 2016 during his time with Zoona Group.

Randall obtained his bachelor’s degree in Management Studies and Economics from the University of the West Indies (Jamaica), and holds a Masters in Finance from the University of London (UK). He also recently completed an Executive Certificate in Financial Inclusion from Harvard University (USA).

Key finance team

David McCrossan – Group Chief Financial Officer

David McCrossan is MicroLoan’s Chief Financial Officer and oversees the group’s finance and treasury functions.

He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and previously a senior manager at BDO LLP, where he had responsibility for a diverse portfolio of national and international clients across a variety of sectors. David developed a passion for the third sector during his time at BDO and has increasingly specialised in helping such organisations manage their operations and compliance responsibilities effectively. He brings to MicroLoan extensive experience in both financial and general management and a track record of delivering growth and impact through process improvements, efficiency and innovation.

Key fundraising team

Malin Rosenkvist – Director of Fundraising & Communications

Malin is Director of Fundraising & Communications at MicroLoan, responsible for managing relationships with high-value individual donors, ensuring that they have full insight into the impact of their philanthropic giving.

She  brings ten years of experience in business development and fundraising in the international development sector to this role. Prior to joining MicroLoan Malin worked with numerous charities  focusing on education and poverty alleviation in sub-Saharan Africa. Her expertise is major gifts, and she has a track record of setting up successful major donor programmes and developing impactful corporate partnerships.

In this role Malin also develops tailor-made partnerships, events and employee engagement opportunities for corporate funders to maximise the mutual benefits.

Malin has a degree in International Politics and Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and has lived, worked and travelled extensively in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Founder

Peter Ryan – Founder & Advisor


Peter Ryan is the founder of MicroLoan Foundation. He spent much of his early career in marketing and setting up production for consumer goods, including ‘Old Spice’ ‘Imperial Leather Soap’ and ‘Duracell’, in Africa and parts of Europe.

His time spent travelling and working in Africa led Peter to look into ways business could support those living in poverty. In 1997 Peter visited the Philippines with a former college friend who was running a charity supporting some of the poorest people in the country. This visit sparked an interest to do more and by 1998 the idea for MicroLoan Foundation was born. Over the next four years Peter began fundraising and developing a strategy for operations. The first loans and training were made to women in Malawi in 2002.

Peter is a frequent speaker on microfinance, with a special interest in Africa and blending the need for financial professionalism and social change. He has a degree in International Marketing for Greenwich University.