MicroLoan at Lake of Stars, Malawi

Ladies singing

Inspired Lake of Stars have proudly supported the MicroLoan Foundation for the third year running.

One of the festival’s key aims is to help develop people in Malawi through skills training and opportunities. During this year’s festival, we provided artists, volunteers and festival goers alike with the opportunity to find out just how MicroLoan do this, with visits to the villages of some of the inspiring women that they support.

Here’s a video taken by Katie, who was visiting the festival as part of the Trident Perpetual Festival.

During the trip, we answered some of their questions.

What are the ways in which the vinspired Lake of Stars festival has helped the MicroLoan foundation this year?

The more people that know about our work at MicroLoan – our different approach – is absolutely vital for our growth. Lake of Stars help us reach young people who care about helping Malawi develop and helping Malawians become self-sufficient, away from aid hand-outs.

Being able to take people out to our projects, so they can see first hand how our ‘bottom-up’ approach working in action often inspires them to spread the word.

Can this partnership be developed even further in future years?

We certainly hope so. It’s beneficial in so many ways for local Malawians, their culture and their economy. In future we would love to get all Lake of Stars supporters interested in helping MicroLoan and all our supporters helping to tell the world about Lake of Stars.

vinspired Lake of Stars is built on the work of volunteers. Is this a key ethos of MicroLoan as well? What are the benefits of volunteering?

Our volunteers are our lifeblood in so many ways. MicroLoan runs a very small head office in the UK so the skills that volunteers offer play a massive part in both our operations and fundraising efforts.

Because of this, our volunteers really do get the chance to get stuck in right away, whether it’s in the UK or out in Africa at our projects. It gives them the opportunity to create real social change and gain invaluable skills and experience.

How can vinspired Lake of Stars fans do more to help?

Support us! Spread the word! Absolutely anything that helps us show people the massive benefits of what we do to alleviate poverty is he biggest help of all.