MicroLoan Foundation Makes The Penny Drop For Digital Charity Giving

Charity box giving is set to go digital after MicroLoan and our pro-bono advertising agency DLKW Lowe have teamed up to reinvent the age-old favourite of children and adults throughout the world. The new digital charity box will transform real money into digital money and reward the giver with an animated experience of how the donation will help women in Africa transform their lives.

In a world’s first, the MicroLoan Foundation digital charity box will be unveiled on the Ocean digital screen located on the Southern Terrace at Westfield London, Shepherds Bush, tomorrow, Friday 22ndMarch 2013 between 9am-12pm. To launch the concept, Westfield shoppers will be encouraged to drop their change into a real coin box and then watch the screen create an animation of how the money being donated is helping women in Africa out of poverty. Each donation triggers the creative animation and instantly rewards the giver with an animation showing their digital coins roll past a MicroLoan training centre, bee-hives and a woman fishing, telling the story of how the donation helps to transform lives as it goes.

Peter Ryan, the Founder and CEO of Microloan Foundation said:  “We’re excited to be bringing old-fashioned charity boxes into the new age and using this to show the difference a donation can make to people’s lives. Our presence at Westfield London on Friday allows us to create an event where people can come and learn more about the charity, our work and the people we’ve helped.”

Created by DLKW Lowe, with production and creative technology by Grand Visual, the campaign is based on an old fashioned charity coin box where you watch your coins roll past a static scene and into the tin. Grand Visual is responsible for the animation and interactive development, as well as the mechanism to integrate the physical coin drop with the on-screen digital creative. A currency detector was used to recognise all UK coin denominations above 5p and then to output an electronic pulse code for each value. An Arduino board interprets the incoming code and sends it to a database so that the interactive creative can read and deliver the matching digital coin to run through the creative execution.

MicroLoan would like to thank all who have put so much into this campaign; DLKW Lowe and Grand Visual for putting the campaign together, Ocean for donating the screen time, and Rabbit Social Media Agency for all their support.

Please come on down to Westfield tomorrow to support us!