UK Health Radio partners with MicroLoan Foundation

We are happy to announce that UK Health Radio are partnering with us to raise awareness of the daily struggle many face each day, just to feed their families.

UK Health Radio and UK Health Triangle Magazine feature programs and articles on a range of health and wellbeing issues, including diet and nutrition, and, while they are UK-based, they have a global reach. CEO Johann Ilgenfritz attended MicroLoan’s International Women’s Day event at the House of Commons earlier in the year. A partnership with UK Health Radio provides an excellent platform for MicroLoan Foundation to highlight the challenging reality for poor families in sub-Saharan Africa and the social impact of MicroLoan’s work.

The first article discusses the struggle so many face each day to try and feed their families. We are introduced to Selina, a 56 year old widow with 9 children living in rural Malawi. Already unable to afford fertiliser on her husband’s modest income, when he passed, Selina’s failing maize crops provided little to survive on. With the help of MicroLoan, Selina has been able to start a small business selling fritters, enabling her to feed her family.

Selina’s story is far from unique. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, and 85% of the 17 million population live in rural areas (UNDP, Human Development Report, 2013). To survive, these families rely on subsistence farming. However, productivity is low, not helped by the high incidence of natural disasters. With no food or financial security, these families remain trapped in absolute poverty, unable to access resources that could help.

MicroLoan Foundation works with women like Selina in rural areas in Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, to provide them with the tools and resources to better their yields. Alongside this, MicroLoan Foundation provides them with loans and business training to allow them to diversify their financial reliance. You can read more about Selina, and the work MicroLoan does with women like her, in the article.

We are excited to be partnering UK Health Radio and you can look forward to a number of articles over the coming year.