MicroLoan Foundation Wins £50,000 of Advertising in Ocean Outdoor Digital Award

MicroLoan has won £50,000 in Ocean’s The Art of Outdoor Digital Competition, thanks to a creative concept designed by DLKWLowe, the award-winning global advertising agency.

The charity will now showcase its “Pennies for Life” advertising campaign on Ocean Outdoor’s digital billboard in London’s Westfield Shopping centre after winning £50,000 of free advertising. The “Pennies for Life” campaign utilises digital billboards to encourage shoppers to donate £1 in return for being named as an artist and helping complete portraits of African women.

Over 30 competition entries were judged on their interactive and visually stimulating nature, with Tim Bleakley, CEO of Ocean Outdoor commenting that, “MicroLoan’s submission showcases the immediacy and versatility of digital outdoor installations as powerful advertising canvases with big audiences. It is a compelling snapshot of what’s possible and the potential for charities who are prepared to think well beyond the static image.”

Shoppers who text the word “change” will see their name appear on the digital billboard with a thank you message, with a hand full of pennies materialising on screen to help complete the image. Completed images will appear in a virtual gallery on the charity’s website and individual donors will be credited as artists.

Winners of the competition were announced at the IMAX, Waterloo, on 13th October, with the judges praising MicroLoan’s entry as “the strongest in terms of the video and creative submission.” The judges also noted that the concept “would make you want to do it to make the largest possible difference to women and their families in Africa.”

Peter Ryan, CEO of MicroLoan Foundation commented that “We are proud to have won a prize in this competition thanks to the creative talents of the team at DLKWLowe. The £50,000 worth of free advertising, which we would have been unable to fund ourselves, will allow the charity to reach out to new people, raising awareness and donations, whilst ultimately helping raise many more families out of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.”