MicroLoan Foundation’s BBC Lifeline Appeal

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who donated and supported our BBCLifeline Appeal.


Together with everyone’s kind generosity, our appeal has raised over £13, 000. This is fantastic, we couldn’t have done it without you. The money raised will help support and empower more and more women in Africa living in extreme poverty, helping them to feed their families, send their children to school, support entire communities and pay for life-saving medicines.

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If you were inspired by Enala and Abigails stories, please:

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Enala and Abigail’s story for BBCLifeline








The appeal features the story of Enala Banda, who lives in a remote village in rural Malawi where most people are locked in a cycle of poverty. Her dreams of becoming a teacher were shattered when she had to leave primary school because her family could not afford the fees. Life continued to be a struggle as she grew up and started her own family, and they never had enough food from their land.

‘Within the household, we were lacking everything. No utensils, soap, clothes, shoes and even mats to sleep on. We had a difficult life.’

Enala recently joined a MicroLoan Foundation group which helped her to set up a small business selling tomatoes and fish. The loan has completely changed her life. She now uses the profits to buy food, send her children to school and save money for the future.








Alongside Enala the appeal highlights Abigail. Like many of the women MicroLoan supports, Abigail lived in extreme poverty, barely coping to support her children of six.

‘Before microloan I failed to help them in private hospital, even food, I can’t find enough food for them.’

But with support from MicroLoan, Abigail now has managed to work her way out of poverty. She runs her own restaurant in Malawi called Chica Goodas, which is famous for providing ‘good food’, is Chair of the Kasangadzi and can comfortably support her family.

Again thank you so much for your support!