MicroLoan is now a TrueLift Aspirant!

Announcing the Newest Truelift Aspirant Institutions

Truelift is pleased to welcome Chamroeun Microfinance LimitedESAF Microfinance and MicroLoan Foundation Malawi as Truelift Aspirants. As Truelift Aspirants, these MFIs have taken the first step in demonstrating their commitment and intent, provide services for, and create positive results for clients living in poverty by completing the Truelift Indicators Tool. At the 2014 Microcredit Summit in Mexico, ESAF Microfinance and MicroLoan Foundation Malawi were presented with their Truelift Aspirant Milestone certificates.

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Photo From Left to Right: Sandhya Suresh (ESAF Microfinance), Daniella Hawkins (MicroLoan Foundation), Marco Lazo de la Vega (CRECER), Isabel Rueda (CRECER), Iris Lanao Flores (FINCA Peru), Lianna Mora Vargas (Oikocredit) and Larry Reed (Microcredit Summit Campaign)