MicroLoan is pleased to announce it has been awarded ‘Emerging’ milestone level by Truelift

Truelift is a trust mark to signify commitment to positive and enduring change for people living in poverty and has defined four milestones on the journey to better serve clients living in poverty. MicroLoan Foundation achieved the first, ‘Aspirant’ level, in 2014 and has been recognised for the second ‘Emerging’ level milestone in May 2015.

“We are delighted to be recognised by Truelift for our ongoing commitment to improving the lives of women. We focus on working with poor clients, developing products and services which meet their needs, and tracking their change and progress. Our ongoing commitment means we continue to learn and develop our services, our products, and ways of measuring client success. We look forward to the next step on the Truelift journey!” explains Peter Ryan, CEO and Founder of MicroLoan Foundation.








MicroLoan Foundation was invited to speak at the Social Performance Taskforce annual meeting in Cambodia to share its innovative approach to balanced staff incentives, which take into account both financial and social performance indicators.


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