Monthly Newsletter – Malawi Flood Crisis

Dear Supporter,

We value your support and so pledge to give you insights from Malawi and Zambia on a quarterly basis. This, our first bulletin, brings alarming news of a crisis facing the Malawian people.

Our priority is to keep you informed; if you would like to give extra support there is an opportunity to do so at the end of the report. We are always so grateful to you and mindful of asking for support again and again.

Thank you

Peter Ryan

CEO MicroLoan Foundation


Half of Malawi declared disaster zone after flooding – The Guardian

At least 176 people killed, 200,000 made homeless, crops damaged, schools submerged, livestock washed away and bridges and roads destroyed. These are what the floods have caused in Malawi and Mozambique.

“I declare all the 15 districts that have been affected by floods Disaster Areas… I appeal for humanitarian assistance, from the international donor community,” – Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika


Scores killed as floods hit Malawi and Mozambique – BBC

Blantyre, the major southern region commercial centre is 66 kms, 1 hour 10 minutes by road, from Mulanje where our loan office is situated.

Whilst it is unlikely we will be involved in any support or clean-up work the demand for loans will increase to enable our clients to get back on their feet…. so I encourage you to help in any way you can by making adonation.

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MicroLoan Foundation is working hard to ensure Catherine’s business survives







MicroLoan Foundation will find a way for Ileen to still sell eggs, chicken and pigs







MicroLoan Foundation will work with Joyce and her group to ensure they help each other





Tribute to one of our first volunteers sadly passed

We are sad to report the death of one of our first Chiswick volunteers Beryl Kessel.  Beryl passed away last week in London after a long and protracted illness.  Tributes and reflections on her life have been pouring into our office. Beryl was a genuine champion of people trying to get on in a challenging world. Her enthusiasm and passion for MicroLoan Foundation’s work inspired many supporters as well as encouraged many of our clients, proud to tell her of their successes.  Beryl is survived by her two daughters, Abi and Sara. Her family have asked that donations should be made to the MicroLoan Foundation instead of flowers.

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