Mzungu in Kasungu – Field staff training

The latest update from Daniella, our Mzungu in Kasungu (literally meaning ‘white person in Kasungu’!) our social impact champion.

“I’ve been back in a hot November Malawi for a week now, fitting in meetings with management and visiting branches and groups. It’s very nice to be back, to catch up with everyone, and meet a number of new staff at the head office. Chikonzero (SPM officer), Julius (Operations Manager), the Regional Managers and Senior Branch Managers have been planning our three regional workshops, which all Loan Officers and Branch Managers will be attending over the course of this month. The purpose of these is to ensure that the main messages of the SPM workshop in July are trickling down to field level, and give the field staff tangible tools for putting these changes into place”
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