Patricia’s story

83% of the women we support live below the poverty line before joining MicroLoan. This means they are forced to survive on little over £1 a day.

Now imagine doing this as a mum. Imagine having to choose which of your children get to go to school, visit the doctor or even eat. This is the reality for the women we support. They live in rural communities far away from transportation links and decent employment opportunities.

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Patricia and her husband live in a small village outside of Dowa, Malawi. As parents they just wanted to be able to earn enough to meet their children’s basic needs. Patricia bought and sold second-hand clothes and utensils earning a small income. But she was only able to do this during the dry season as the heavy rains during the wet season would stop her travelling out of her village to collect stock. Her husband was able to secure some farm work, but this was not enough. 

The couple faced many challenges providing for their already large family. But Patricia and her husband did not hesitate to become the guardians of their niece and nephew when Patricia’s sister passed away a few years ago.

Providing for a growing family

With nine children now dependent on them, the couple needed to find a way to generate a regular and reliable income.

Patricia joined a MicroLoan group five years ago. She now runs a successful business growing and selling maize. With her profits she managed to buy fertiliser for her maize, improving the quality and quantity of her harvest.

The income she generates has become instrumental in redefining her family’s future.

She no longer has to choose which of the children gets to eat.

“My life has tremendously improved due to the loan and training from MicroLoan. My business is growing and I now can buy goats to use the meat for food and further income.”

Her profits have also allowed her to pay for writing materials and uniforms so the children can attend school.

There is no government health clinic in her village. With nine children Patricia had always been worried about how she would manage when they fell ill. But now she is able to afford to pay for healthcare and medicines. This would not have been possible without her business.

Your kindness and support is transforming Patricia’s life. Thank you.

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