Regina Kanyangalazi

Having taken in two orphans that were left behind by her siblings, Regina Kanyangalazi became determined to provide well for these children. Alongside the kids, there are also another five people within Regina’s household that financially depend upon her. Regina became interested in joining a MicroLoan group a long time ago, and when her sister sadly passed away she decided it was time to take action. She is now running a successful chicken rearing business, selling the animals for profit as well as the eggs that they produce.

When Regina first started rearing her chickens, she was struggling to create a sustainable business as she ‘did not have enough capital to buy high quantities of chicks or poultry feeds’. With her first few loans from MicroLoan, Regina was able to address these problems and buy enough stock to help expand her business. She is now receiving her thirteenth loan, and with the continued financial support has been able to really grow and develop her enterprise. Before enrolling with MicroLoan, Regina was able to make around K10,000, whereas now she often is able to make up to K40,000. With this money she ‘has managed to build a big modern house’ and is very grateful to MicroLoan as she appreciates that she ‘could not afford to do this without a loan’.

Already acting as a savvy business woman, Regina is very careful about how she spends the profits of her business and reinvests at least a part of her income back into the business each week; a skill that she picked up as a result of MicroLoan training. She also found it particularly useful to learn about ‘Group Methodologies’ and ‘Business Management’ which have influenced her desire to want to continue growing her poultry business in order ‘to supply a wide coverage at all times’.

Now that people have seen Regina’s journey into becoming a successful entrepreneur, they see that MicroLoan ‘can help to transform a person from begging life to self-independence, without even having a husband’. Regina acts as an example to other Malawian women who are unmarried or widowed, showing them that it is possible to live a good life independently. We are confident that her success will inspire other women to pursue business as a sensible life choice. As Regina notes, in Malawi ‘it is difficult to secure employment in government institutions and even NGOs’ so MicroLoan provides people with the opportunity to dictate their own career paths. As a result of her entrepreneurial development, Regina now feels very respected by both her friends and family and is looking forward to continuing her journey with MicroLoan.