Rose Nyirenda

Rose Nyirenda is one of MicroLoan’s entrepreneurs. She runs a grocery shop in a village outside of Kasungu, in central Malawi, and has been with MicroLoan Foundation for over 2 years. In this time Rose has been able to grow her grocery business, making it a profitable enterprise that provides for her family and supports the local economy.

Before MicroLoan

“We could not manage to eat properly or live even a moderate life. Finding school materials like books and uniforms for our children was difficult.”
                                                                                                                                    – Rose Nyirenda

Rose lives with her husband, their three children and two orphans who they look after. They are subsistence farmers, so they rely on what their land can produce to eat. But often this was not enough, and the family went hungry. Her husband works as a farm hand, but jobs are few and far between, meaning that Rose is the primary breadwinner. With five people financially dependent on her, Rose’s small grocery shop wasn’t making enough to provide for the family. 

Joining MicroLoan Foundation

Rose joined our Chagona loan group with the aim of expanding her grocery business. She needed to be able to better provide for her family. With MicroLoan’s support, this is what she has done.

Rose has learnt how to business plan, conduct market research and the importance of saving. The loan and Rose’s new skills have meant that her grocery business has grown and now has one employee. Today, Rose’s store stocks a wider range of products, which has increased her sales and income. Rose is very proud that she has been able to install electricity in her store. As a result Rose can now provide her customers with a phone charging service.

Because of her grocery store’s success, Rose is able to send all her five children to school and has been able to buy fertiliser that has increased her crop yield. With the capital it has brought in, Rose has begun a number of other business ventures. The family are now the proud owners of a donkey and ox-cart which, not only make it easier to transport groceries around, but can also be hired out to other villagers. As well as this, Rose has built a house which she rents out.

As her business has grown, so has Rose’s confidence. The community respect her as a courageous and entrepreneurial woman, and she has inspired other women in her village to join MicroLoan.

By donating today you can help women like Rose provide for their families. 

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