Urgent appeal: rising prices

“Humanitarian actors have not yet mobilized enough resources to fully mitigate the impacts of back-to-back tropical storms, significant price increases, and the below-average harvest.”

Famine Early Warning Systems Network, USAID

A famine is imminent. Struck by tropical cyclones, crippled by price shocks in food, energy, and fertiliser, compounded by a poor harvest, families in Malawi are already facing hunger.


In the next few days, women in our network will face a gut-wrenching decision: a meal for her children, or fertiliser for her farm?


Which would you choose, in that moment?

Jennifa is a single mother with two children and two orphans in her care. At MicroLoan training sessions, she learnt the importance of savings, and in building two businesses, she built resilience. Jennifa invested her loan in her tomato stall and hair salon, growing her income. Her children no longer go to bed hungry.

Many women in Malawi have no such safety net.

Empty shelves, empty pockets, empty stomachs. Soaring food prices and insufficient harvests mean food supplies may run out before the new year. We must do all we can to reach more women like Jennifa before the year ends.

This really is a matter of life or death.

Donate Now

Your donation will give a woman like Jennifa access to the loan and training sessions she needs to boost her business and build a lifeline for her family.

There may be challenges ahead for all of us, but in these difficult times, let’s leave no one behind. If we come together this Christmas, imagine how many women like Jennifa will have a fighting chance.

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