We need your help on International Women’s Day! | Sarah Parfitt

I should be in bed as it’s nearly 1am and my kids will be up in a few hours but it’s International Women’s Day and I want to be the first to enlist your help! Yes, each and everyone one of you…

I have just done my first day of work at the MicroLoan Foundation and my mind is spinning with ideas. I am going to be helping the organisation with their “Pennies for Life” campaign, which is very exciting. We are hoping to collect more than 4 million pennies and then try to get into the Guinness World Records Book for the longest line of pennies. It’s all going to take place at the Chiswick Community College on the 9th and 10th July and we need your support! We will need more than 1,000 volunteers over the two days! Can you help? Yes? Then, please
do get in touch: [email protected]

We’re also looking for high profile ambassadors from the celebrity world and the world of business who feel passionately about our charity.

Perhaps that’s you?

And last but not least, on a very practical note, we’re looking for a business which could donate hundreds of metres of sticky tape so that we can line our pennies up with relative ease in July!

Happy International Women’s Day to women everywhere!