Why is sustainability for MicroLoan Foundation so important?

What does sustainability mean for MicroLoan Foundation?

MicroLoan Foundation aims to be fully sustainable in all of our countries of operation. This means that the affordable level of interest we charge on the loans we distribute, once repaid (and 99% of loans are), covers the overhead of that country’s operation (costs of disbursing loans and training, staff costs, office costs etc).

Why should I care whether MicroLoan is sustainable or not?

Sustainability means that we can invest more donor funds on expanding our reach, so supporting more women to work themselves and their families out of poverty (this is done through increasing spending on loan capital to disburse, increasing the number of staff we have delivering loans and training etc). Ultimately, it means that more of your donation goes towards loans and training which directly impacts women and their families (whereas, when we are not fully sustainable, a proportion of your donation may go on covering overhead costs).

How sustainable is MicroLoan currently?

For the first time ever, for 2013 so far we are 100% sustainable in Zambia, which is a huge achievement. In Malawi, we are currently operating at approximately 75% sustainability and are working hard to increase this so that it is in line with Zambia.

How can I help make MicroLoan more sustainable?

The larger our income (i.e. the more donations we receive), the more we can invest in loan capital. The subsequent interest we receive when these loans are repaid, will work to increase our sustainability.

Donate now to help us achieve sustainability

For more information on MicroLoan Foundation’s sustainability, please contact us on[email protected].