Women of MicroLoan #1 – Katy Fryatt

In celebration of International Women’s Day on Saturday 8th March, we’ve been speaking to some of the women at the heart of MicroLoan Foundation; our clients, our staff, our supporters. Here, we speak to Katy, one of our fundraisers in the UK.

Your name: Katy Fryatt

A bit about you: I live in Battersea with my husband James and work for i2i events group – an international B2B event organiser where I look after strategy for Bett – the world’s largest education technology event. I’m lucky to hail from a large and loving family. In my spare time I love ‘crafting’ (or as my husband would say ‘making mess’) and holidaying (who doesn’t?!)

 How do you support MicroLoan Foundation?: I’m running the London Marathon for the MicroLoan Foundation in April. It’s my first time running a marathon and I’m aiming to raise £2,000 through donations and fundraising activities.

Why do you support MicroLoan Foundation? And why do you think it’s important to support women?: I support MicroLoan because they empower women to work their way out of poverty. Microfinance is sustainable and proactive rather than reactive. It’s also really understandable….you lend someone £50, they build a business, pay it back, and so the cycle continues. It’s all about women helping women. For someone like me raising what sometimes feels like a really small amount (£2k), that becomes a large amount when you think that equates to about 35 loans. That’s 35 women plus their many dependents (kids, parents, grandparents, nephews, nieces, cousins, brothers, friends) who will have a better chance at life. That’s pretty amazing.

Women make up half the planet, but don’t have half the voice or half the opportunity. Women in Malawi are even more important – they’re often caring for a huge number of other people. This isn’t about them providing for themselves, it’s about them providing for their entire community. This isn’t about ‘girl power’, it’s about fundamental business common sense – invest, see returns, repay, repeat…and change lives while you’re at it.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, who is the women who inspires you and why? My former boss and mentor, Colette for her tenacity, humility, taste in wine and sense of humour. My mum for putting everyone else before her. Oh….and Olivia Palermo for her clothes, Kate Middleton for her hair, Carla Bruni for her voice, Sheryl Sandberg for being a woman in business who is pushing boundaries etc etc….

There are loads of ways you can support MicroLoan Foundation; make a donationset up a regular gift,fundraise for us, and simply spread the word about what we do amongst your friends, family and networks…