Women of MicroLoan #3 – Masida Ziwa

Masida is one of the 26,371 clients we are currently supporting in Malawi. She is a rice farmer and lives in the central region of Malawi, a few miles from Lake Malawi. We’ve been supporting Masida for the last two years with farming loans and farming-specific training and mentoring. Masida has invested the loans in seeds and fertilizers which have considerably increased her yields: she now farms 0.5 hectares, while previously she only had 0.1 hectares.

Masida uses the rice she farms to feed her growing family. She sells the surplus. With the profits, Masida has extended her house, and pays for school fees for her three children, two of which are at secondary school.

In the future, Masida hopes to pay for iron sheets for the roof of her house, a cement floor and proper window pains to keep the rain out during the heavy rains