Women of MicroLoan #7 – Pemphero Gondwe

For the past few weeks, our Programmes Officer, Magdalena, has been in Malawi and Zambia. As well as implementing our new staff training, she’s had the opportunity to meet some of our clients.

One of the women Magda met this week, is 35-year old Pemphero. Pemphero lives with her husband and 5 children (she’s the lady to Magdalena’s right, in the red and black top). We’ve been supporting her with small loans and training for just over a year now. She’s investing her loans in a tailoring business that she runs from her home in Central Malawi.

Pemphero used to be a farmer, but she didn’t make enough money to pay school fees and feed her growing family. So she set up her tailoring business; making a selling clothes for both men and women. The loans and training she receives from MicroLoan have enabled her to expand the business. She now employs 3 men; one helps her with the tailoring, and two take the clothes to sell at local markets.

Pemphero’s business profits  are enabling her to pay for her children to go to school. She also tells Magda that her business has made her relationship with her husband more equal, as they both support one another rather than her just relying on him. Pemphero has high hopes for her business; she wants to increase the amount of clothing she can produce, and build a shop nearby to sell her goods. She also wants to build some houses to rent out to supplement her income.