The impact of your support

There’s no doubt that the pandemic is having a disproportionate impact on women and girls around the world. For the most vulnerable in Sub-Saharan Africa the effects are devastating. Families who already struggle to feed their children are seeing the situation worsen. Read MicroLoan Foundation’s COVID-19 analysis reports for Malawi and Zambia here.

UN Women has warned that the pandemic will push 47 million more women and girls below the poverty line, reversing decades of progress to eradicate extreme poverty.

When a woman starts a business, it is not just her life that begins to change. On average a woman in Malawi looks after four children as well as other family members. The profits from her business will allow her to secure the basic needs for her family such as education, nutrition and healthcare. The free training gives her the skills she needs to develop a successful business, empowering her as an entrepreneur and creating jobs for others in her community.

EmpowerHer aims to help 50,000 women build brighter futures before the end of this year. 

£40 will provide one woman with a start-up loan to set up their own business

£121 will provide loans and business training to one woman for an entire year

£2,000 will fund the cost of a motorbike for an entire year, allowing a Loan & Training Officer to travel to the most remote, rural villages

£5,000 will support 40 women with loans and training for a whole year

£10,000 will fund two local Loan & Training Officers to deliver our services for a whole year

Let’s create a change that echoes for generations.

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